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This is the adventure wiki, and stored within here will be any information the heroes uncover during their adventures, be it through research, exploration, or just dumb luck.


The focus of any good story is on the people that it affects. Contained below here are the men and women of Theah that the story of The Broken Blade touches upon. 

 The Heroes
These brave persons are the focuses of the story, the catalysts whose actions will, one day, change the world. 
Their Allies
No man is a fortress, and no heroes can win the fight alone. These people here are those that support our heroes through their journey, and who wish for their safe return. 
Their Enemies 
What would a story be without foes, without conflict or challenge? These are the people who the heroes are set against, or whose goals move opposite theirs.
The Chorus
Not every player in the story can be easily placed as an enemy or an ally. Those that fall in the shadows between can be found here.


Everything happens somewhere, and where things happen in this story, you can find them here.

Just because something happens somewhere, doesn't mean it happens somewhere known…


It's not just kings and wars and stuff. History's important! If you don't learn from it, you'll simply repeat it…

The Unnatural
Not everything can be explained, but what can be, and what's known, can be found here.

Items, Artifacts, and Gear

No story is complete without props. Listed below are the unique items and equipment that the heroes come across in their journey… 

Unique equipment that the heroes carry with themselves that play a large role in their daily lives.
These items are relics from ages past, whose powers and usefulness are often uncertain… 


Main Page

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