Remy Etalon du Toille


Brawn: 1

Finesse: 3

Wits: 3

Resolve: 2

Panache: 2


Wanted (3)


Indominable Will

Keen Sense


Night Trained

Reputation: -10



Gambling (1)

Quack (1)

Shadowing (3)

Stealth (3)



Socializing (2)

Street Navigation (3)



Climbing (3)

Footwork (2)

Sprinting (2)

Throwing (2)


Dirty Fighting

Attack (2)



Attack (3)



Attack (2)

Parry (3)



Avalonian – Speak

Montaigne – Speak/Read 

Eisen – Speak

Voddacce – Speak

Vendel – Speak 

Remy Etalon du Toille never had much of anything. Born an orphan and raised in a church orphanage, he grew up in a two-faced world, on one side the nobles that primped and preened themselves at mass each day, on the other, the servants and orphans who lived off their tithes and donations. Whereas most were grateful, Remy desired a life that didn't depend on the charity of others. He left the orphanage, determined to make a life all his own, but found only hard labor. Compared to his life at the friary, this was no improvement, but he could think of no good ways of doing better… but he could think of some less than good ways. He fell in with some of the street gangs of the city and began to learn…

Remy is a thief, and a good one. He's been all over Theah, and has gained (and spent) a fortune in stolen goods. He speaks nearly every language, and is very fast and quick-witted. He can be fairly unpleasant, and has a face like a whitewashed wall. He appears utterly unremarkable in just about any way.

Remy Etalon du Toille

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