Lord Baddick Crowe

A small, bald-headed Avalonian, whose beady eyes glitter with dark intelligence. His perfectly-groomed goatee reflects the precision with which he runs his business empire...


The Lord Baddick Crowe achieved his title through work, through his own sweat and blood, and the sweat and blood of his enemies. An arms dealer by trade, Crowe has under his employ some of the most experienced and productive blacksmiths, foundries and mines in all of Avalon. His wealth is incredible, reaching unbelievable. His business may be war, but his love is history. A huge portion of his wealth has gone into funding Explorer's Society digs, buying artifacts, and paying for the "acquisition" of harder-to-find pieces. His estate is a veritable museum of the ancient and odd, and many pieces of his collection worry those that keep tabs on his type. 

Crowe has "hired" the party to fetch for him an ancient blade that has resurfaced from the mists of time. His hiring method involves offering the party a staggering sum of 10,000 guilder each, with the caveat that if they fail to retrieve the weapon, or decide to simply abandon the search part-way through, that a bounty of the same amount would be put on their heads. Naturally, the heroes have set off to find this curving blade…

As their journey continues, Charles Victor Langloise and Godfrey Donnelly are informed that Baddick had been behaving oddly over the last few months, and that his extreme pursuit of the Broken Blade is odd in at least one way; the blade is not of Syrenth manufacture, and such things rarely interested him before.

Lord Baddick Crowe

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