Fabien Moreau

A ragged-looking Montaigne slaver, under the employ of an unknown party...


Fabien Moreau is a no-nonesense man of business, no matter how nasty that business may be. Extortion, kidnapping, murder, you name it, he will do it, no questions asked. He's rarely seen armed, but that doesn't often matter. Fabien is a master of sorts at attacking with whatever's at hand, and he's vicious. The idea of restraint simply never occurs when he's stuck in.

Currently, Fabien's business is the slave trade. He kidnaps young girls and arranges for them to be shipped off to the crescent empire, where they are rarely heard of again. He's just been paid to kidnap a more dangerous quarry, and he's somewhat excited by the prospect of a challenge.

Fabien Moreau

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